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A Little About What I Do

I shoot mostly models and high school seniors, but that doesn't mean that I'm not up for any other type of shoot.  I love families, as well as anything out of the ordinary. I shoot on location, or in studio.  My studio work is some of my favorite.  When I have time and my schedule isn't full, I love to just go out and shoot for myself, and for inspiration.  

I believe that every experience in life is a learning lesson, and the process never ends.  I spend so much time taking classes, working on posing, editing and composition.  All of this has brought me to this point in my business, and it is truly never ending.  Growth is a process that should be ongoing.

I want every person that I work with to have a blast.  I want you to go home at the end of our shoot and think about how much fun you had.  I really do enjoy each and every person that I meet.  I have to admit that before I started this business, I was somewhat of an introvert and it wasn't in my nature to strike up a conversation with anyone. I feel that I have moved past that now, and I can't believe what I missed out on by not being more open with people.   My comfort zone has definitely been tested, and I am glad to say that it has made me a better person. 

In life, we are lucky if we have a job that we like to go to every day.  I have one that I love, and I consider myself blessed to be able to spend my days picking up a camera, and capturing the moments that make each life special.  That one click that captures a moment that will never be repeated in exactly the same way.  That is something special.